A Team for Sparkling Eyes

Clay Paky merged with OSRAM in 2014, allowing OSRAM to increase its expertise in the area of entertainment lighting – and advance its technology and innovation strategy. Market-leading technical expertise and construction know-how enter into a unique symbiosis.

Diverse, Innovative, Highly Decorated

Established in Bergamo in 1976, Italian company Clay Paky specializes in automated light productions. More than 100 employees now work on innovative solutions for the international entertainment industry. Clay Paky’s award-winning spotlights are famous the world over, trusted by countless renowned artists and companies.

Whether it’s TV, theater, fashion shows, amusement parks, or clubs, OSRAM and Clay Paky always represent top class together.

A Visual Highlight

The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest is an example of the success enjoyed by OSRAM and Clay Paky. OSRAM enhanced the event as an official lighting partner.

The event featured OSRAM’s lamps and LIGHTIFY lighting system as well as hundreds of Clay Paky’s lights: 1,000 moving heads, which is what Clay Paky’s lighting units are called, set benchmarks at this “Holy Grail” of lighting designers – and made Eurovision a spectacular visual highlight.

For Moving Shows

Even beyond major events like this, OSRAM is leading the way in visual entertainment on a global scale – at clubs and bars, indoor events, and concerts, regardless of whether it’s moving heads or static lights that are used.

In cases like these, collaboration with Clay Paky is worth its weight in gold. The two market leaders complement one another and, time and time again, push each other to new heights.

Christening in a Festival of Lights

Light also plays an important role in the open air: the Hamburg Port Anniversary offers a breathtaking backdrop, which the AIDA company used in 2016 for the christening of its 300-meter-long AIDAprima ship. OSRAM and Clay Paky lighting technology made the event shine.

Well over a thousand lights bathed the ship, the Hamburg sky, and the port basin in color and a glow of light.

Higher, Brighter, Further

Public space as a stage: where architecture meets its limitations, light uses other means to go further. These days, architectural lighting is more than just your run-of-the-mill lighting – it’s “architainment.” This trend describes a mix of architectural and entertainment-oriented lighting, transforming structures into an experience with intense colors and lighting effects across large surfaces.

Thermal and mechanical stability, energy efficiency, and a long service life are indispensable and OSRAM fulfills all of these and more.

Solutions in a Flash

Alongside technology, user-friendliness also plays an important role when it comes to selecting a lighting system – especially where seamless, fast lamp replacement is necessary, for instance at concerts and live shows.

OSRAM’s Lok-it! system offers just the right solution, making it possible to replace lamps without the need for tools. Thanks to an innovative base and holder system, that can be done with just one hand in a matter of seconds. The system is modular and correspondingly flexible.

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