The Benefits of Networking

Connected Lighting grants OSRAM access to the Internet of things. A technology of the future that turns everyday objects into intelligent devices. For instance, they can register movement or detect changes in temperature thanks to processors and sensors.

The online network allows smart objects to communicate with each other, share information, and control each other. In this field the Internet of things already became reality through connected light. Using the lighting infrastructure, the future of smart objects will be much easier to achieve.

A Shining Example

OSRAM has been promoting the development of networked lighting for nearly two years now with its LIGHTIFY system. With its simple control options and countless lamps and lights, it offers intelligent solutions for private (LIGHTIFY Home) and commercial (LIGHTIFY Pro) applications.

Install, Start – Done

LIGHTIFY Pro is a smart lighting system that can be wirelessly controlled from a central location and is easy to set up, update, and retrofit. Even conventional light sources can be integrated into the system without the need to open up walls and lay new cables: simply install the compatible components in the power supply, individually configure the system – done. And that’s not the only benefit: the LIGHTIFY Pro system boasts high energy efficiency and flexibility.









Two Apps – Countless Possibilities

The free LIGHTIFY Pro apps – LIGHTIFY Pro Commissioning and LIGHTIFY Pro Control – represent the control center for the smart lighting system in the commercial sector. It couldn’t get any easier than this. Their intuitive operation makes it possible to set up and control individual lighting systems. Depending on requirements, several devices may be used to control a single lighting system.

Thanks to LIGHTIFY, smart, networked lighting is literally in your hands.


A Strong Heart

The LIGHTIFY Pro Gateway is the heart of the LIGHTIFY Pro lighting system. It interconnects lights to make smart control possible. The LIGHTIFY Pro system boasts an extensive range of functions. Lamps and lights can be dimmed and set to predefined lighting scenarios, while time-based functions, such as the simulation of an entire day, are also possible.

For Both at Home – and On the Go

In addition to commercial applications, LIGHTIFY offers intelligent solutions for private use at home and in the yard. With LIGHTIFY Home, you can use a whole host of preconfigured lighting scenarios or define your very own lighting atmospheres, simulate the presence of people at home while on vacation, or activate dynamic lighting scenes for parties. You can adjust the brightness and color temperature to the time of day or simply create relaxing lighting or a stimulating working atmosphere.

The LIGHTIFY Home app allows you to conveniently control the system on site or on the go. In the case of the latter, the app doesn’t communicate directly with the router, but sends its signals to the cloud, which then contacts the router.

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