Laser – Light-Years Ahead

Revolutionary laser technology is the future of headlights and boasts new options in terms of design and performance. The first wave of premium vehicles featuring the lighting of tomorrow can already be found on the road: the BMW i8, the Audi R8 LMX, and the new BMW 7 Series.

The currently installed laser module comes from OSRAM’s research laboratories and manufacturing facilities. Two versions featuring three and four laser diodes are currently being manufactured, ensuring maximum performance today, despite the young age of the technology.

Twice as Far – Fully Automatic

Development of the automotive Laser Activated Remote Phosphor (LARP), which is the technical term for this innovative technology, has only been promoted for a few years now.

Integrated into the vehicle’s headlights, the laser module automatically activates when a speed of 70 km/h has been achieved and the on-board camera does not detect any oncoming traffic. The high beam reaches a distance of up to 600 meters, which is twice as far as the previous LED high beam.


Starting at 70 km/h


Up to 600 m


340 Lux

Bright and to the Point

The luminance of the LARP modules plays a key role in this significant increase in distance. The modules generate powerful, pinpoint luminous flux on a few thousandths of a millimeter, already making them a great deal superior to LEDs. They reduce the required space for lenses – and increase the scope for design and light.

Designers benefit because the optical components can be freely arranged in the headlight, allowing for a whole host of opportunities.

In terms of safety, laser technology plays an equally important role at the very least, allowing the driver to perceive dangers earlier and thus avoid accidents.

How does it do that? A comparison of a conventional low beam, an LED high beam, and the innovative laser light reveals that, in terms of danger detection, the new technology is unbeatable. Find out for yourself!

LED low-beam
LED high-beam
LED high-beam combined with laser spot
Glare-free high-beam combined with laser spot

A Headlight That Thinks Ahead

The matrix LED technology also promises greater safety: it enables individual control of each and every pixel or diode and thus makes truly intelligent light a reality.

If the image-processing electronics detect any oncoming or preceding vehicles, they deactivate the system. In contrast, the technology highlights areas where it sees sources of danger such as pedestrians and animals, thus reducing driver distraction and increasing the safety of all road users.


Up to 1,024 pixels per LED chip


Each pixel can be dimmed individually


3 lumen per pixel


Intelligent light distribution

OLED – More Than Just a New Generation

Despite the arrival of laser technology, LED hasn’t exhausted its potential because OLED (organic LED), the next innovative LED technology, is raring to go. Like LED, it can be used as point and area light sources, which in turn results in new opportunities particularly in the automotive sector. For instance, OLEDs are suitable for use in turn-signal lights, tail lights, and interior lighting, creating energy-efficient, homogenous light surfaces in all shapes and colors.

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